Fire Alarm and Monitoring Systems in McKinney, TX

Why Choose ADS Fire Alarms for your Fire Alarm services?

Some of the worst natural disasters you can ever have will involve a house or business-related fire. Whether it's faulty wiring, matches that are too close to flammable items (or, at times, it can even be an overheating appliance that wasn't turned off in time), to keep your business, your home and your family in safe hands, we highly recommend that you get a fire alarm and a monitoring system. With these, the proper authorities can be alerted at once and the damage that will be done is minimized, because you can evacuate people and any important possessions that you cannot afford to lose in time.

This is where we of ADS Fire Alarm come in. We can get your fire alarm and sprinkler systems running efficiently and effectively. We also install, repair and maintain systems for churches, hotels, homes, shopping centers, daycare facilities and other residental and commercial facilities across Texas.

A Proper Alarm System Saves Lives

Fires can destroy a place and can also threaten lives, as well as property. In cases like this, a proper fire alarm system can help alert the proper authorities to rush to the scene should a fire break out.

At ADS Fire Alarm, we know exactly what it takes to protect your home or business from such disasters. Our fire alarms and detection systems employ the latest and greatest technology to ensure that all our fire alarms can easily detect any sign of smoke or fire. Our monitoring system allows us to immediately respond in the case of an emergency, which can help you, your business and your family live another day.

Commercial Fire Alarm Advantages

Not only do fire alarm systems offer a sense of relief and protection, but proper smoke and fire detection also help provide a quick evacuation, and lessen the severity of any damage to the facility.

With our professional monitoring team, you'll also get the support from a team that will monitor your property at all times and keep a vigilant watch out for any dangers or concerns that could pose harm. Should any dangerous activities or natural disasters occur, our team will alert the proper authorities to your property. You may also receive some insurance benefits in having a fire alarm and monitoring system in place, as insurance groups may offer premium discounts knowing your property is being protected.

If you're in need of professional fire alarm and monitoring systems in McKinney, TX or surrounding areas, look no further. Contact us today at 469-203-4347 to learn how we can help protect you and your property.


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About McKinney, TX

mckinney, texas

McKinney is on the county seat of Collin County, Texas, USA and has the second-largest population, next to Plano. It's also part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, located 37 miles north of Dallas.

The McKinney Courier-Gazette is a newspaper that covers Collin County, and is owned by American Community Newspapers. It has a circulation of 4,400 and on Sundays, this number shoots up to 26,400. McKinney is also served by using two highways: US 75 and US 380. This is a city that also has the Sam Rayburn Tollway, a toll road that's administered by the NTTA, running to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

For a bit of sightseeing, McKinney has its Main Street, which is the town square. The city has the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, if you have kids interested in learning about dinosaurs or just like relaxing in the park. The Landon Winery is a gorgeous place to people watch, where you can sit back and watch everyone walk by, while you sip on a glass of fine-tasting wine. The Towne Lake also has a Recreation Area where you can spend a good weekend fishing.