Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems in Garland, Texas

Why Choose ADS Fire Alarms for your Fire Alarm services?

Avoiding a growing fire and the damage that it causes, is not easy. When a fire starts, you have to accept the fact that your property will incur many damages. At times like this, most people regret the fact that their building hasn’t been equipped with the proper fire safety systems. However, at this point, expressing regret won’t undo the damage in your home or office.

You have to plan for a disaster before it strikes. To prevent or minimize property damage, you must equip your property with systems that can help you detect the first signs of any fire, and this is where we, at American Defense Systems, come in with our fire alarm and monitoring systems.

Protect and Save Lives with Fire Alarm Systems

People have lost their lives to fires simply because they were asleep or unaware of a fire that started their building. Having a fire alarm or monitoring system in your property will help increase your chances of survival. Once these systems detect fire, they will warn you by sounding off an alarm. The alarm will alert you and give you ample amount of time to either extinguish the flames or escape the premises. It also immediately alerts nearby authorities to rush to the scene and take care of the situation.

Prepares Your Store for Any Fire-Related Threat

Picking up your life or business after a fire can be difficult. A lot of items and materials can be damaged or lost to the flames, and paying for your losses could cause your store to close. But with a fire alarm and monitoring system setup in your establishment, you can be stay ahead of any unexpected fires and you will know immediately if there happen to be any fire-related situations on your property.

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About Garland, Texas

Garland is a large city that is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. As of the census held in 2010, there are about 226,876 people living in Garland alone – making it the 12th populous city in Texas. Garland is home to many points of interests that cater to arts and history enthusiasts. These venues include the Granville Arts Center, the Garland Landmark Museum, and the Plaza Theater. The city also has a historic area aptly named Historic Downtown Garland.

The city of Garland is also home to many well-known celebrities, athletes, and artists, including Rockabilly Hall of Fame inductee Gene Summers, American football player Samuel Eguvaoen, and two-time Grammy award winning country singer, LeAnn Rimes.