Fire Alarm and Monitoring Systems in Frisco, TX

Why Choose ADS Fire Alarms for your Fire Alarm services?

When you have your own business or you've finally purchased your dream home, one thing is clear. It's always in your best interests to protect what's yours from uncontrollable disasters, such as fires. To ensure that much of your home and livelihood are safe, a fire alarm is a vital installation. Luckily, that is where we at ADS Fire Alarm do best. We proudly install, maintain and repair fire alarms and sprinkler systems with haste, so they are always working at maximum potential. You can rest easy knowing that in case of a fire, the damage will be minimal, thanks to your fire alarm and sprinkler system.

Here at ADS Fire Alarm, we would be more than happy to make sure that all fire alarms and sprinkler systems installed are running to utmost perfection. We install, repair and maintain systems not only for homes and businesses, but for schools, daycare facilities, shopping centers, hotels and churches as well, all across Texas.

Protect Your Property

Fires, among other disasters, can destroy a place and they can also threaten the lives, as well as the property, in little to no time at all. In cases like this, a professional fire alarm system can help alert the proper authorities to rush to the scene should a fire break out.

At ADS Fire Alarms, we know exactly what it takes to protect your home or business from such disasters. Our fire alarms and detection systems employ the latest and greatest technology to ensure that all our fire alarms can easily detect any sign of smoke or fire. Our devices are backed by our fire alarm monitoring system, which allows us to immediately respond in the case of an emergency, which can save lives, money, and your property.


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Commercial Fire Alarm Advantages

Not only do fire alarm systems offer a sense of relief and protection, but proper smoke and fire detection also help provide a quick evacuation, and lessen the severity of any damage to the facility.

With our professional monitoring team, you'll also get the support from a team that will monitor your property at all times and keep a vigilant watch out for any dangers or concerns that could pose harm. Should any alarming activity occur, they will alert the proper authorities to your property. You may also receive some insurance benefits in having a fire alarm and monitoring system in place, as insurance groups may offer premium discounts knowing your property is being protected.

If you're in need of professional fire alarm and monitoring systems in Frisco, TX or surrounding areas, look no further. Contact ADS Fire Alarms today at 469-203-4347 to learn how we can help protect you and your property. 

Learn About Frisco, Texas

Frisco is an upscale city in Texas, and is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It also serves as a commuter town for many professionals who have jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, that would like a more convenient way of commuting to and from work every day.

Frisco has its very own Athletic Center, indoor and outdoor aquatics, and is up to date with the latest exercise equipment and technology available. The Frisco Athletic Center also offers group exercise classes, so you can get fit with your friends or family members.

For entertainment, Frisco has various shops, such as the Stonebriar Center, and IKEA for furniture. There are also various restaurant chains along Preston Road, which is a major road where many people pass through in the city.