Fire Alarm and Monitoring Systems in Arlington, Texas

Why Choose ADS Fire Alarms for your Fire Alarm services?

It’s difficult to put out a fire. Due to the the nature of a fire, it can start unexpectedly and spread without a moment’s notice. This is exactly why it is an absolute must to equip your property with enough emergency systems that can help you fight the flames. Fire extinguishers and fire escape plans can help minimize fire-related damages and injuries. However, these can only be used if there are people in the building during the fire.

When it comes to preparing for any fire-related incident, it is best that you are one step ahead of the flames. Having this advantage allows you to put out the fire before it becomes unmanageable. It also gives you time to contact the fire department with confidence and clarity. The systems that can help you do this are fire alarms and monitoring systems, and American Defense Systems is happy to provide your property with both.

It Pays to be Prepared

Citizens in Arlington, Texas no longer need to worry about unexpected fires. Just contact American Defense Systems today so we can equip your property with the latest systems that can detect fires in your home, and alert you as soon as there is any warning sign. Our products will alert you of any sparks and flames that may occur in your property so that they can be addressed immediately. This way, you can minimize the potential damage and injuries caused by fire.

Commercial Properties Also Receive an Advantage


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Our products are not limited to residential properties. Commercial establishments in Arlington, Texas may also receive our systems’ benefits. We know how disastrous it is to lose everything to the flames. With our fire alarm and monitoring systems in your store, you are giving yourself ample time to put out the flames and save your products and customers.

In addition, we also offer audio evacuation systems, fire escape plans, and power supplies. Give us a call at 469-203-4347 if you are interested in our fire alarm and monitoring systems.

About Arlington, TX

The city of Arlington was founded along the Texas and Pacific Railway in 1876. The city gets its name from General Robert E Lee’s Arlington House, which was situated in Arlington County, Virginia. Back then, Arlington was known as a cotton-ginning farming center. However, the city was supplied with water, electricity, natural gas, and telephones in the 1910s, so Arlington grew rapidly.

Today, Arlington is home to 383,000+ people. It grew out of its cotton-ginning phase, and became a city known for its professional sports teams, arts and entertainments, and famous individuals. Arlington, Texas is home to the professional baseball team, Texas Rangers, and the Dallas Cowboys professional football team. Six Flags Over Texas, Planetarium Dome Theater, and Levitt Pavilion Arlington are also located in Arlington.