Fire Alarm Monitoring in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Monitoring Station

Coordinating your fire alarm devices requires a robust monitoring system that can accurately keep track of everything. While your fire alarm can effectively alert you of an impending disaster, having a team of well-trained and vigilant central station console operators is just as important. A good monitoring team is responsible for receiving inbound calls of distress, and thus an undeniable asset in the prevention and mitigation of fire-related emergencies.

American Defense Systems Fire Alarm is a trusted name in the industry for all things regarding fire alarm monitoring.

Accurate and Reliable Fire Alarm Monitoring Services and Training

Our central monitoring station is comprised of seasoned operators who have years of experience when it comes to handling all types of distress and emergency calls. As your first point of contact, our operators recognize the need for fast and reliable service in such situations and they aim to fulfill this need to their utmost capacity.

All our operators are UL listed and FM approved. Language barrier is neither a problem since our operators are also bi-lingual, based on their location. And, most importantly, they have been trained to understand the value of service for each and every one of our clients. This has been instilled as one of the primary cornerstones of our training and education program, and has been lauded by our industry peers as one of the most detailed and comprehensive ones in the country.


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Every call is recorded on a digital voice unit to facilitate record keeping and to protect the interests of all parties involved. This also makes it easy to review any call for any discrepancies that would require a dispute file with an alarm room supervisor. We make sure that all our callers’ needs are properly addressed with each session.

ADS Fire Alarm Is Your Trusted Partner in Fire Alarm Monitoring

Homeowners and business owners in the Dallas and Fort Worth area can sleep easier knowing that their properties are under the safe watch of our experienced monitoring team. Our service area coverage also extends to the surroundings of the greater Texas area.

If you’re looking for the right company that can handle all your fire alarm monitoring needs, then look no further. ADS Fire Alarm has years of experience handling fire alarm monitoring services, so call us today. You can reach us by dialing 469-203-4347 or by leaving us a message on our contact page.