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Fire Alarms in Dallas-Fort Worth

The risk and the dangers of fire damage are quite real. Both homeowners and businesses owners living in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area understand this and go to great lengths to protect their properties. When looking for a reliable partner who can help you secure your building, trust only in the experts here.

American Defense System Fire Alarm is an accredited company that has been servicing homes and businesses within the state of Texas for many years. We install, repair and maintain fire alarm and sprinkler systems for schools, churches, day care centers, retail shopping centers, hotels and other facilities. We also offer complete monitoring services for these properties.

Investing in a Fire Alarm System Can Help Protect Your Home or Your Business

Fire can cause insurmountable destruction to any home or business. It can easily threaten both lives and property if it is not quelled immediately. Investing in a proper fire alarm system can help alert the proper authorities of any fire outbreak and quickly rush to the scene to put it out.

ADS Fire Alarm knows what it takes to protect your building from such a disaster. We employ the latest technology in fire alarm systems that can easily detect any fires that occur within a given area. Our superior monitoring system also allows for immediate response to any emergency, which can, in turn, save lives, money and your business.

Benefits of a Commercial Fire Alarm System

Apart from the peace of mind that a fire alarm system gives to a business, proper smoke and fire detection allows for a speedy evacuation of personnel, as well as mitigate any damage to the facility much faster.

A good fire alarm system will also have the support of a strong monitoring team that can keep an eye on your property at all times. This group keeps a vigilant watch out for any anomalies and reports them promptly to the proper authorities.

In addition, insurance groups are also more likely to offer you premium discounts once they know that your building is being protected by a fully functional fire alarm system.

Find out how you can protect your property today. Call us at 469-203-4347 and speak with one of our fire alarm experts.


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